Business Visas

Business visas are issued to those who are coming to the United States to consult with a local business, attend to their local business, or may be issued when someone wants to invest in a local business. This process is not always easy, and sometimes, it can be frustrating.

Before you apply for a business visa, it is strongly recommended you work with an attorney who has extensive experience handling immigration matters. Because of the limits on what you may do while in the United States on a business visa, it is imperative you discuss your plans with your attorney before filing an application.

Visa interviews, fingerprints, and security clearances all must be complete before you may legally enter the United States. Additionally, you are required to present an invitation letter from a U.S. source to complete the process. We can help you through this challenging process and help make sure the information submitted with your application is complete to minimize delays.

Contact Impact Immigration Law Services if you need an experienced attorney to provide you assistance with a business visa. Thanks to our years of experience, we know the pitfalls to avoid.