Family Immigration

Those who are legal permanent residents of the United States have an opportunity to sponsor certain family members to the U.S. to also become permanent residents. This program has numerous restrictions including which family members are eligible. Because there are annual limits on the number of family member who may be issued visas on an annual basis, it is important to work with a skilled immigration attorney.

In addition to the sponsor petition, there are certain other documents that must be filed along with the filing fees. These documents include medical forms, photographs, support affidavits, and others including birth and marriage records. We are happy to review all the documents and make sure nothing is left out of your application to ensure it is eligible for processing upon submission.

Immigration matters impact everyone in your family. Processing times can be extended because of errors and omissions in the application process. Rather than take the chance of an unnecessary delay, contact the Miami, FL Impact Immigration Law Services for help with all your family immigration needs. We are here to bring families back together and we provide services nationwide.